Through their leadership and compassion, Dave and Gail Liniger have impacted the lives of countless sick or injured children. Now, through My Next Step, Dave is sharing his very personal and real experience so that others will be inspired and comforted. That gesture is no surprise to anyone who knows this incredible couple, who I am proud to know, work beside and call my friends.
John Schneider, TV star and Co-Founder of Children's Miracle Network
As a pilot and astronaut, I’ve met some pretty adventurous people in my life. Few, however, come even close to matching the scope of what my friend Dave Liniger has done, nor the adversity he has faced. When a tough guy like Dave shares his doubts and fears, it reminds us that we all have them. And when he explains how he got through his life’s biggest challenge, it’s sage advice from which we can all benefit. Dave’s story is truly inspirational.
Col. Richard Covey, retired NASA astronaut and Space Shuttle commander
When I met Dave Liniger a few years ago, I knew right away he was no quitter. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he refused to let his illness keep him down. We all face major challenges in life, and Dave’s recovery story is a reminder that we can make it through anything.
Joe Theismann, Super Bowl-winning NFL quarterback and member of the College Football Hall of Fame
Dave Liniger is a true giant in the real estate industry. His vision during the housing crisis was extraordinary, and his resolve during his personal health crisis was just as remarkable. We’re all glad to have him back in the game.
Matt Vernon, Home Loans Sales Executive, Bank of America
Dave Liniger’s story of pushing through the biggest challenge life could throw at him is an inspirational message for all of us.
Charlie Huebner, Chief of Paralympics, U.S. Olympic Committee